Thursday, 15 December 2011

JYC December 12th

It's a wrap

Yay! Finally a proper page to share - the printer problems are still besieging me but this page was all about my wrapping paper so no need to print a photo.

The journalling reads 'It's 2 weeks before Christmas and all the gifts have been bought, delivered and wrapped - it's SO worth the early effort!' and one sign of this is that more or less I am keeping up with Journal Your Christmas better than ever - most of my pages up to 9th December are complete after I got some photos printed in Boots last weekend and I'm only a couple of days behind with blogs.  I finish work today (yippee!) so the plan is to take photos of all my pages in daylight tomorrow, and get another load of photos printed so I can catch up with actual pages again. I am much preferring the get everything done as soon as possible approach to Christmas and feel much less stressed this year.

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