Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Holiday update...

Am back for a few days, so thought I would do a quick update! Unfortunately our camera died on the second day of our holiday so not too many photos to share :(, will be on the lookout for a good deal on a new one though - am flying up to Manchester for work next week so maybe there'll be something suitable (i.e. cheap!) at the airport.

So, have crossed 1/15 counties off the list:

Cornwall was beautiful and fun but not so good in severe weather in a tent - we came home a couple of days early...

Have swam in the sea this year (and yes, I did properly swim, just no photos!)

I have read

which took me ages, and was hard to get into but a good read once it got going and this

which was a fantastic beach read, highly recommended

I also managed another date with Jon - this time to our local pub for the second time in 7 years here - where we had a great evening playing pool, having a few drinks and getting chips to eat on the way home.

I have also done 4 more LOs which I will share when I have a camera again!

Am off again for a few days to Wiltshire and when I return a more normal blog will resume!!

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  1. Glad you're getting to tick things off your list - and having fun doing it!