Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Have been up to this...

Have been camping again this time in the New Forest. Luckily we were just inside Wiltshire so that is another county to add to my list of counties visited. I want to stay in 15 before I'm 40, and to count I have to stay in them for at least 1 night and it not be the counties where I live or work (which are Hampshire, Surrey and Manchester). I'm not counting work trips as they normally involve hotel or meeting rooms and not much else! So far I have managed Wiltshire and Cornwall, and we are planning a night in Bath to see some family in October so that will be Avon I think.

I have also read this

which was OK, but a bit predictable I thought. Still an easy read and I liked the cross between turn of the century and the present day.

And this

which was fantastic, definitely my favourite book of the summer so far. If you are aged between 25-50 I would think you'd find plenty to identify with in this book and it's very entertaining and well written.

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