Tuesday, 31 August 2010

End of August update

1. Go to a music festival
2. Read 100 books (8/100)
3. Learn how to use my sewing machine
4. Swim 5000 25m lengths (20/5000)
5. Make 250 scrapbook layouts (or mini-book pages etc...) (14/250)
6. Make 10 different hand crafted gifts (1/10)
7. Bake and ice 10 birthday cakes
8. Lose 2 stone and keep it off
9. Take the boys to Florida
10. Finish decorating my house
11. Knock down the garage
12. Make progress in my career
13. Sing a solo in front of an audience
14. Be a chair of governors for at least 2 years
15. Stop eating crisps
16. Write 200 blog posts (24/200)
17. Go to an England international rugby match at Twickenham with Jon
18. Get a professional family portrait done
19. Start and keep a gratitude journal once a week
20. Walk outside at least once a month (So far done)
21. Visit 15 different british counties (2/15)
22. Go on 50 dates with Jon (2/50)
23. Start playing the guitar
24. Get 100 people following my blog (14/100) - thank you!
25. Go to the theatre 5 times
26. Do the moonwalk
27. Put my charms on to my charm bracelet
28. Be a guest designer on a scrapbooking website
29. Take the boys ice skating outside
30. Save £10000 for our loft conversion (£500 saved)
31. Go to the top of the Spinnaker Tower
32. Water fight with the boys
33. Give blood
34. Climb Snowdon
35. Swim with dolphins
36. Do a 'Go Ape' - COMPLETE
37. Celebrate my birthdays
38. Get a pedicure
39. Swim in the sea every year (2010 - done)
40. Have tea at a posh hotel in London

Plans for this month - crack on with a handmade gift I have been working on for ages, I've 9 weeks or so to get it completed for my new niece or nephew; I've a scrapbooking retreat booked so want to get lots of LOs done; some house decoration; look at whether I can add a pedicure to a spa day my lovely mum is taking me on; and tomorrow I am going to stop eating crisps (for good I hope, I am addicted and they have no nutritional value, but that's a blog post for another day...)


  1. Hi Cathy - thanks so much for adding your numbers to my 'Month in Numbers' feature! What a great list you've got there. I've always promised myself I'd 'Go Ape' too ..... so you've got there ahead of me! [I also noticed that you've just read Ingenious Pain - it's one of my favourite novels].

    Your list is such a great idea for a blog. Have you thought about adding something in the sidebar telling people when you started and how long you've got to fit in all your brilliant plans? Just so we can follow the story of your list at a glance.

    Thanks again for joining in this month.

    Julie :-)

  2. Progress being made then! Well done!