Monday, 9 August 2010

Woo-hoo - Go Ape is DONE - 39 things to go on my list...

SO on a rather misty Saturday morning we headed off to our local forest to have a go at Go Ape. It's called a 'high wire adventure' and is swinging though the trees on rope bridges, balances, swings and zip wires, extremely high in the air! I have never liked heights so this was very challenging for me, I had a wobble during the second section and a dizzy nauseous spell in the third but then my boys turned up to watch and I couldn't let them see mummy giving up on a challenge, could I? I did it all and got a certificate to say so, was definitely feeling the fear and doing it anyway - but very relieved that I don't have to do it ever again!

This is me up in the trees - we were 'attached' at all times and had an excellent safety talk and demo at the start...

Heading down one of the zip wires - actually my favourite bits as I was heading back to solid earth!

Me and Jon near the end of the course:

And very relieved to have finished!

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  1. Congratulations - I'm sitting here feeling rather proud!
    I love Go Ape and have done two so far - my "High Wire" partner (sis) is now pregnant so I dont suppose she will be able to go for a while!

    Well done - an achievement indeed!