Tuesday, 13 July 2010

July 13th

Wow, thanks for the responses and for all the suggestions and especially for all the new followers! Lots of people on here and on UKS have suggested some ideas to finish my list so hopefully it will be completed later tonight.

Some people have said the list is too vague at the moment, I will be expanding on some of the listed items in blog posts, but I was trying to keep the list itself as concise as possible.

One thing I will be changing is item 12 to 'make progress in my career' - thanks for the suggestion Clare! I am very happy where I currently work, it's a great job but I've been doing it for a while now and I am ambitious and keen to progress. So when I said a 'new job', a more senior one within the same organisation would be very welcome!

Progress today: swam 20 lengths at lunchtime - still a long long way to go!

Tuesday is my scrapping night and for the first time in ages my craft room is tidy and I am all set to go - just need to find a good sketch to get me going now...

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