Saturday, 11 August 2012

Cover to cover update... Albums

So earlier this year I took Shimelle's Cover to Cover class, I hadn't done an online class for ages and was looking for something to reinvigorate my scrapping - it was fab, a great online community and a heap of ideas. During the class I re-organised all my LOs into chronological order, or what I thought were all my LOs - another pile turned up in the middle of summer. I had some album issues - just not enough, and some were so stuffed with LOs that they really needed expanding into a second volume.

Since the class ended I have been gradually buying more albums - just one a month and continuing to re-organise as I start scrapping all the photos I printed as a result of the class. I'm not fussy about having them all the same colour but I do like to get the American Craft d-ring albums as I have lots of page protectors that fit them! I've seen them on sale a couple of times and picked up 2 but I'm now at the point where I have enough and can use my funds for some other goodies for a while.

I've completely tidied my scrap room and finally got round to labelling my 12x12 storage, which means I'm now using them more effectively. From top to bottom they contain large scraps, 12x12 paper, refills & LOs and in progress projects. In general though LOs are photographed and put away in their chronological place immediately after I finished them. 

I've made up several page kits so I'm already to go if the scrapping mood hits me.

Finally I persuaded my lovely hubbie to put up some shelves in a spare corner of the room. The stuff on the bottom shelf is his, but I'm using the top one to store alphas, some unstarted projects and sewing bits, my governor folders and my magazines.

Overall I feel a lot happier in a more sorted environment and when I do sit down to scrap I am getting on with it a lot quicker and achieving a lot more. All the albums are still (and will remain) a work in progress....

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