Friday, 25 May 2012

Shimelle Starting Point

Yay, I really like the starting points from Shimelle - I can normally get a LO together from them in an hour which for me is super quick scrapping. This week's is here if you want to play along.

This is my version of the starting point

The colours are a bit off in the photo, the combination of taking it in the evening and having the white screen of the monitor in there. I used a combination of 2 old sarah's cards kits and was inspired by a combo on design seeds, unfortunately I forgot to save that exact combo but it's a really great website.

And this was my finished LO, photographed this morning so the colours are better :)

This photo is from 2009 and I'd already scrapped our day trip to Longleat so I didn't need to include all the details here but I really liked the random snap, and the journalling just talks about the things we'd seen and why the boys really needed this drink!

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  1. I love this. I am a huge fan of the starting points too. The main patterned paper in this layout is beautiful!