Tuesday, 6 December 2011

JYC December 6th

A Christmas Memory - Finding out about Santa

I think I was about Charlie's age when I found out the truth about Santa, and I've spent quite a lot of time recently wondering whether he knows or not yet - he's 6 and I'm hoping he won't find out until Junior school next year as I want to keep the magic going for Owen for a bit longer.

I spent Christmas when I was 6 at my Aunty Pippa and Uncle Tom's house, I think my parents had recently split up and I suspect going there was an effort to keep some Christmas normality for us. It worked as we had a great time and a whole heap of fun with our cousins, Nick and Beth. However I remember very clearly finishing Christmas dinner and Nick turning round to me and asking if I knew 'the truth' about Santa.  My aunty Pip heard him and thwacked him round the ear! But it was too late by then, the seed was sown in my mind and the following year I stayed awake on Christmas Eve until my Dad came in with the presents...

The mum of one of my friends always had a rule that if you don't believe, you don't get - and I think we'll be adopting that rule in the future - but for this year at least it looks like we still have two very excited believers...

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  1. try and keep the magic as long as possible!