Monday, 5 December 2011

JYC December 4th

Well after my big day out yesterday I didn't really want to venture out so I persuaded the boys to tidy up and clean the lounge... but only with the promise of Christmas decorations! Jon and I got them down from the loft at 2 and after a couple of hours of sorting, hanging and re-hanging we were done.

The boys really helped us this year and were delighted with the results.  It was great fun getting all the decorations out and seeing all our favourites , as well as some new ones that we bought in the sales after Christmas last year, so were putting them up for the first time.  I love how festive and light the house feels once they are up - in  great contrast to the dark and icy conditions outside...

In case you're wondering, the printer problems still aren't resolved so I'll probably be getting some photos printed up in Boots next weekend and then having a massive catch up in my actual album....

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