Saturday, 3 December 2011

JYC December 2nd

Yesterday might have been the start of advent, but today Christmas started - not because we saw the coca-cola advert or because we noticed that Sky have changed their background music on their menu screen, but because I heard Christmas carols starting to play in our road which heralded the arrival of this...

The Lions Christmas float!

The boys were having their bedtime story - it was still quite early but they were tired after a long week - so I called out to them and they came rushing to look out the window. As soon as Charlie saw the float he flew down the stairs with Jon to open the front door, while I held Owen who was literally rigid with excitement! But then things got even more exciting when one of the Lions' ladies came to the door to collect Charlie's pennies and we heard her say "Oh, you're little, shall I go and find Santa?"

After that there was no staying upstairs in the warm for me and Owen so down we went too - Owen panicking that he would miss the big guy - but we got down in time and the boys were very excited to see Santa coming up the front path. Straight after saying hello, Charlie rushed off very busily into the lounge to get the advent elves that Santa had left for them on the first - luckily Santa 'remembered' what he had done and was very amused when Charlie said "You'll never guess what they got up to last night!" and told Santa how we found the elves playing a game that morning.

After that with a "Be Good" Santa said goodbye and we carried on with bedtime - but happy in the knowledge that Christmas has really started now...

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