Thursday, 15 December 2011

JYC December 14th

Can't wait this year...

This year has been a bit of a toughie, especially at work. The summer was long and hard but then there was no let up in the autumn as a restructure was announced. I was very stressed about my own position and am also trying to support my team and meet their expectations (which I suspect is not really achievable in the circumstances). Add to that lots of press attention, lots of changes in processes and other staff and it's not really been the happiest period of my life ever.

Planning for christmas has given me something fun to focus on that is completely separate to work, I've started earlier than ever before which has allowed me to spread the cost a bit and put some time and thought into what people would like. I've more done from my to do list than ever before at this point and I'm not stressed out by whats left on there. We've lots of nice activities planned for once the boys finish school next week and I feel like I've got the time and space to enjoy myself with them, and for lots of playing. It's my final day of work today and I can't wait to wake up tomorrow...

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