Sunday, 1 August 2010

End of July update

1. Go to a music festival
2. Read 100 books (3/100)
3. Learn how to use my sewing machine
4. Swim 5000 25m lengths (20/5000)
5. Make 250 scrapbook layouts (or mini-book pages etc...) (10/250)
6. Make 10 different hand crafted gifts (1/10)
7. Bake and ice 10 birthday cakes
8. Lose 2 stone and keep it off
9. Take the boys to Florida
10. Finish decorating my house
11. Knock down the garage
12. Make progress in my career
13. Sing a solo in front of an audience
14. Be a chair of governors for at least 2 years
15. Stop eating crisps
16. Write 200 blog posts
17. Go to an England international rugby match at Twickenham with Jon
18. Get a professional family portrait done
19. Start and keep a gratitude journal once a week
20. Walk outside at least once a month
21. Visit 15 different british counties
22. Go on 50 dates with Jon (1/50)
23. Start playing the guitar
24. Get 100 people following my blog (13/100) - thank you!
25. Go to the theatre 5 times
26. Do the moonwalk
27. Put my charms on to my charm bracelet
28. Be a guest designer on a scrapbooking website
29. Take the boys ice skating outside
30. Save £10000 for our loft conversion (£500 saved)
31. Go to the top of the Spinnaker Tower
32. Water fight with the boys
33. Give blood
34. Climb Snowdon
35. Swim with dolphins
36. Do a 'Go Ape'
37. Celebrate my birthdays
38. Get a pedicure
39. Swim in the sea every year
40. Have tea at a posh hotel in London

In August I will be doing Go Ape, visiting some other british counties (2 or 3) and hopefully swimming in the sea - we are off to Cornwall soon... :)


  1. Good luck. I hope you get to it all but before you do #35 please watch this film
    The Cove

  2. What a great idea!

    I have less than 2 years before I'm 40 so better not do the same hehe... unless I make it 50 :)

    Loads of things I'd love to do but don't get out of the house much

    I had tea at a posh hotel once... I felt soo out of place and couldn't wait to get out! ....