Monday, 6 August 2012

I'm back...

Not had much time to post recently, summer is a manic time for me at work, and I've not had a full day at home since June! - Have worked a lot of weekends and on my days off we've had a whirl of weddings, parties and events. It's been a great couple of months but I am now craving some time to catch up, clean my house and relax. Luckily this is my last week at work before some much needed annual leave.

The last week has been all about this:

We've been lucky enough to go to Olympic basketball, hockey and football, and yesterday was a particular highlight when we watched Andy Murray win gold on the big screen at Wimbledon - just fantastic. I am so loving having the Olympics in our country and only an hour away by train - we feel so lucky and have become complete Olympic addicts. We've now got a break from going to events until the Paralympics start when we'll be back at the Olympic park to watch athletics, swimming and wheelchair rugby. Am already planning a devoted scrapbook album and saving lots of memorabilia.

I've managed to fit in a fair amount of crafting and am planning some catch up posts, and hoping to start joining in with WOYWW. Have also carried on reorganising my albums after Shimelle's cover to cover class so will be writing a post about that soon...

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