Monday, 14 May 2012

Creating continuity...

The latest Cover to Cover prompt is all about continuity and how we can make our albums flow. I really love it when I achieve this in an album and think my honeymoon album definitely has it, as I had very carefully selected all the PPs and embellies in advance to match, and told the story of our honeymoon from beginning to end. But how to create this continuity in my new chronological albums - the layouts in them have been completed over 5 years and my style and materials have varied a lot over that time.

However there are some things that I really like and go back to again and again so I've made a list of those to see if I can use them to create flow...

  • At least 3 PPs
  • Mini-alpha stickers
  • A tab of some kind
  • Hand written journalling
  • Date stamp
So the date stamp I've got is new, the v cute Dear Lizzy Neopolitan roller stamp, but it will make LO sorting much easier if I can use it on every LO.

With these in mind I then got creating. Shimelle included a starting point in this post about this month's ten things. Did you spot it? Well my version of this starting point was this:

Using EP's Time and Seasons PPs, a range I loved and am now using up the last scraps of. The washi tape was from the Makery in Bath - will definitely be going back for some more at some point.

This was my final LO, including all the elements I listed above.

After I photographed it I merrily went to put it straight away in to my holiday 2011 album - uh oh - I hadn't sorted that album during the grand sort out, thinking it was fine - however while the LOs did all relate to our holidays last year (apart from one which I've now taken out), they were a complete mess, had mixed two holidays up, didn't tell the story... So I sorted them out, have found some gaps and thought while I was there to go through other LOs in that album, fine any made from the same PPs and add some elements to creat that flow.

This was the first I found, and the only thing I needed to added was the mini-alphas and a date stamp.

And this was the second, again I just added some mini-alphas and a date stamp.

I still have the rest of the LOs in the album to go back to, but this is a start and I'm already happier with it as a whole.


  1. Fantastic! I have yet to work out my style but it is on my to do list for this afternoon! Aim high! I also use mini alphas on just about everything...they are so versatile!