Friday, 11 May 2012

Adding photos to old LOs

So the prompt for Cover to Cover today was all about different ways you could add photos to old LOs, if you wanted to add more to the story, or you'd finished telling the story but there were still more photos to include. Have my photos and LOs organised chronologically was a big help with this.

I found this double LO about a family day out to Legoland

I made it originally as part of a class at a crop, so it's quite different to my normal style but I like how many photos I was originally able to include. However I did have some more photos of this day, and when I looked at them I also wanted to include some more journalling.  I decided to make an 8x8 insert to sit in the middle of this double LO. As it was originally from a class I didn't haven't any scraps of the papers I used, or the right colour cardstock but I just tried to go with the flow and made something that matched. These were the two sides of the insert.

I had a spare 8x8 page protector from a mini album I've made before so I used that. Inevitably the holes weren't in the right place so I used my cropadile and a 12x12 page protector to make some new holes, and this is the finished insert in the album.

I really like this idea and think it's worked well with this LO, even though I didn't have the 'right' papers. Am now thinking I might make some layered circle embellishments to tie the insert and original pages together more and to improve the flow, but that will be a job for another day...


  1. It looks brilliant Cathy, I keep asking myself the question where do I get different sized page protectors from.....and you have helped me answer it, another scrapbook! Thanks I don't use 8x8 very much so could used them this way. I think adding those circles in would be a great finishing touch to your lovely pages xx

  2. love this and think it really adds to the original LO.

  3. perfect! Love what you did and I love the idea and look of different sized page protectors!

  4. Great solution! You did a great job at selecting papers that work very nicely with the originals. I think the flow is great, but if you feel like it needs more, I'd go with your thought of using similar embellishments across all of the pages.