Thursday, 8 December 2011

JYC 8th December

Christmas Lights

This isn't a house near me, but is in Chelmsford and the owners raise money for charity every year by decorating it like this.

I'm normally in the 'tacky' camp when it comes to outdoor christmas lights and lit up Santas scaling the walls - but the boys absolutely adore them.  I suppose I quite like tasteful white or blue fairy lights, and I love lit up shopping centres, but for the boys it's definitely the bigger and more colourful the better.  Owen laughed out loud with delight when he saw a house done up like this last night!

We do have some houses that look like this quite near us and another night I'll venture out for some photos to include on my proper journal page when I get round to doing it - but tonight the weather is atrocious so I am battening down the hatches and settling down with a good book!

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