Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Summer reading - part 1

So in an effort to prove that I do more than work, craft and occasionally go on holiday I thought I'd do a summary of the books I've read this summer. The amount of reading I do has picked up because I've had a fair bit of holiday and (more importantly) I got a kindle for my birthday - which I love. I always thought I'd be someone who'd stick to paperbacks but the kindle is so convenient, it's fab.

Amazir was a bit of an epic, a love story set in Morocco pre and during the second world war. The descriptions were very evocative but occasionally I just wanted the story to hurry up a bit. A very good read though, especially as the kindle version was 99p during the amazon sale.

Imagine a world where podge is in and thin is out is the basic premise for this book - it was an OK holiday read, and an interesting look at how our perception shapes our view of ourselves and the world.

Last Train from Liguria is probably my favourite book of the summer, it is a winding story partially set in 1930s Italy and partially in modern day Bristol. A bit of a tear jerker by the end and I literally could not put it down once I'd got into it.

Making it Big is an OK holiday read, set around a slimming club - I felt it was a bit cliched but OK for when your brain doesn't want to think any more!

I have read some more books, and they'll be coming in part 2...

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